Jokers Wild

eMagic RevealedeMagic Revealed

Platform: iPhone or iPod Touch
Genre: Magic Trick
Difficulty: Intermediate
Release Date: October 12, 2009

eMagic Revealed: Jokers Wild

The deck is fanned out and then, somehow, two jokers are quickly pulled out of it. A card is then freely selected by a spectator and placed partway inside the deck. Once the card is slid all the way into the deck, the jokers are spread apart revealing the spectator's card! The spectator's card is then visibly inserted into the center of the deck and the jokers are placed on the top and bottom. With a flick of his wrist, the magician is left only holding the two jokers and a single card in-between them which is revealed to be the spectator's card!

Each eMagic Revealed app comes with a performance video, a detailed step-by-step tutorial video, and a few notes about the effect.

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eMagic Revealed is a series of tutorial videos for some of the most amazing magic tricks, effects, and illusions you've ever seen!

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